Agile P2P – A Roadmap for an Efficient Procurement

In today’s dynamic business environment with fast changing consumer needs, organizations are driven towards adopting proactive and agile P2P processes. An agile process helps buyers streamline their procurement process, enhance staff productivity, bolster policy enforcement and control, and enhance collaboration with vendors. This webinar aims to provide organizations a roadmap to identify and reduce maverick spending, boost analytics and data access, and increase the efficiency of other automated processes being used.

Key takeaways from our 45 minutes webinar were:

  • How to optimize P2P processes to ensure an agile end-to-end procurement cycle and efficient order processing
  • Exploring the role of digitization in improving stakeholder collaboration
  • Burgeoning focus on analytics and reporting to improve visibility of procurement expenditure to ensure focused spend control
  • Revolutionizing and automating procurement strategies of an organization through e-procurement
  • How P2P solution providers are differentiating themselves from established competitors in the market by providing innovative offerings and pricing structures to attract small and mid-sized buyers

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From retail to healthcare, businesses are scraping the bottom of the barrel hoping to find the next opportunity for topline growth or spending cutbacks. Contextualized category intelligence is increasingly the key differentiator.

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