Supply Chain Risk Analysis for an Electronic Components Manufacturer

Category Overview

Over the past half-decade, the electronic components industry has been driven by the growing indispensability of electronics in this digital era; continuous development of consumer, automotive, industrial, and defense electronics; and a parallel increase in opportunities in the upstream supply chain. These trends fuel innovation and bring about technology developments in the design.

According to SpendEdge’s supply chain risk analysis specialists, it has been noted that companies are manipulating their internal and external resources to stay on par with the international standards. Additionally, issues such as compliance and traceability are increasing operational burdens. Since reducing risks in the supply chain is an effective way to cut costs, electronic components manufacturers across the globe have started opting for supply chain risk analysis solutions to improve profitability across the supply chain.

The Procurement Pain Point and Insights Offered

A leading electronic components manufacturer wanted to gain insights into their current supply chain structure and recent supply trends and forecasts. The electronics components manufacturer also wanted to assess the risks associated with supply and evaluate profitability across the supply chain. Additionally, the manufacturer also wanted recommendations to cut down on their major areas of spend across office locations through this supply chain risk analysis engagement.

To cater to the specific category requirements of the client, the supply chain risk analysis specialists at SpendEdge followed an in-depth two-step research methodology, which included primary and secondary research coupled with qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures to address the client’s business issue. During the course of this supply chain risk analysis engagement, the client was able to enumerate and curtail supply chain risks through a chain vulnerability map. Additionally, the recommended business-process model assisted the client in identifying several categories of vulnerability. Furthermore, the supply chain risk analysis engagement helped the client create an overall impact on the global supply chain.

Key questions answered in this supply chain risk analysis engagement include

Risk Analysis

Business Outcome

The supply chain risk analysis engagement helped the client reduce risks across the supply chain and effectively cut down on costs. Additionally, the client also gained clear insights on their major areas of spend across office locations.

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