Supply Chain Management Helps a Plumbing Supply Store Enhance Operations and Increase Reliability

Supply Chain Management Helps a Plumbing Supply Store Enhance Operations and Increase Reliability

Plumbing Supply Store Overview

The plumbing industry’s principal services are fixing, repairing and maintaining pipes and devices that involve distributing or treating water, sewage or gas. The plumbing industry primarily controls the delivery of services on a range of appliances and building amenities. The residential improvement and repair market accounts for nearly half of total plumbing supply store demand worldwide. High investment in infrastructure, the rise in disposable income, and increasing investment in smart homes and buildings are expected to fuel the plumbing supply store growth.

Importance of Supply Chain Management Process

DemoSupply chain management process includes designing, planning, execution, control and monitoring of the supply chain with the goal of creating net value, establishing a competitive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with market demand and measuring performance globally. Supply chain management process manages the balance between the demand and supply and includes activities right from procurement of materials and converting them into finished goods.

Functions of Supply Chain Management

A streamlined supply chain management process can improve customer relationship and lower down operational costs. The global supply chain management process comprises five functions:

  • Purchasing – It pertains to procuring raw materials and other products that are needed to manufacture the goods.
  • Operations – Functions of supply chain management in operations include demand planning and forecasting.
  • Logistics – Logistics assures that products or services reach the end-point delivery without any glitches.
  • Resource management – Determines the allocation of resources at the right time to optimize the production at reduced costs.
  • Information Overflow – If communications are poor, it could break apart the entire chain and lead to mismanagement.

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