Top 5 Turbine Pumps Manufacturers Globally

Top 5 Turbine Pumps Manufacturers Globally

Turbine pumps are extensively used in the agricultural industry for the purpose of irrigation. It performs several functions in the agricultural industry like liquid transfer, raw water intake, cooling water circulation, store water pumping, pressure boosters, and flood control. Due to the increasing demand for these pumps from the agricultural industry, the turbine pumps manufacturers are witnessing strong growth, globally. Also, the demand for these pumps is increasing due to its rising use in electricity generation. Increasing focus on renewable energy usage is another factor contributing to the growing demand for these pumps. As a result, the global turbine pumps market and turbine pumps manufacturers are expected to witness impressive growth over the next couple of years. (Source: SpendEdge procurement report on turbine pumps category)

Turbine pumpsWhat are Turbine Pumps?

Turbine pumps are centrifugal pumps that consist of a rotating device known as an impeller, pump shaft, and a motor. These pumps use the momentum of fluid and its velocity to generate the pressure. These pumps are manufactured by using materials such as plastics, cast iron, steel, and stainless-steel alloys. These pumps are also known as the vortex, periphery, or regenerative pumps. These pumps have several applications like pumping water for irrigation, deep-well pumping, and wastewater treatment.

These are some of the benefits of using turbine pumps:

  1. It has a high discharge capacity
  2. It offers efficiency in handling gas-liquid mixture
  3. It has a compact design

Turbine Pumps Manufacturers


Gorman Rupp is a turbine pump manufacturing company based in Mansfield, Ohio. They manufacture pumps for water, municipal, wastewater, industrial, sewage, petroleum, construction, fire, and OEM markets. Gorman Rupp was founded in 1933, and since then, the company has become one of the world’s largest pump manufacturers. Its line of pump products includes standard centrifugal pumps, self-priming centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, priming assisted pumps, trash pumps, air-driven diaphragm pumps, and rotary gear pumps.


Pentair plc (PNR) is a multinational diversified industrial company incorporated in Ireland. Its main U.S. office is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Pentair was founded in August 1966 as Pentair Industries, Inc. They have offices in more than 30 countries. Pentair manufacturers high-performance pool and spa equipment and energy efficient pumps.

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